The MILF Tales

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Freezing Secretary Stacie Starr

Jack is looking for a secretary to free up some time so he can spend more time playing with his dolls. He calls a job applicant Stacie Starr and has her fill the position. Shortly into Stacie's new job Jack decides to add her to his doll collection, he puts her on the cross, has his way with her, dresses her up, puts makeup on her than he takes Stacie upstairs where he likes to take his dolls to play with.

Wunder Woman vs. The Baroness

Wunder Woman is up against the Baroness and is risking it all to stop this nemesis, the Baroness puts Wunder Woman through an unbearable torture on the X and then the two take this fight to the water, will Wunder Woman be able to overcome the Baroness and her evil ways? Check out her the preview to see more!!

Wunder Woman vs. The Museum Curator

A new villain has emerged and it is up to Wunder Woman to save the day, This new villain takes enjoyment in freezing its victims and then having his way with them while their frozen, then he add them to his doll collection. Will Wunder Woman be able to stop the Museum Curator from freezing her and adding a new doll to his collection! Find out on December 23 in "Wunder Woman vs. The Museum Curator".

Milf 1777 - Mother Stay with Me

Rachel found her husband had been unfaithful, devastated she turned to her son for advice. Michael insisted his mother stay with him and not a hotel. Upon arrival , Rachel's emotions had peaked she was flustered and in shock. After settling in to her sons tiny efficiency apartment and some consoling it was bed time. Michael slept on the couch so Rachel could have the bed. Rachel in her rush to leave home didn’t pack any PJ's. she tip toed out wearing black lace panties and bra. Michael appeared to be fast asleep under the covers. He woke when he heard Rachel masturbating with a toy she did pack. he had never seen her in this way and became erect immediately. Michael hated his father and saw this as an opportunity to finally claim his mother for his own.

MILF 1773 - Mother in Crisis

When divorced Rachel gets a visit from her son after having some time alone she has a welcoming visit from her son and she takes him to the beach where she finds pleasure in the days son and she brings you on a wild ride that takes you to a heated night under moms covers.

MILF 14 - Bedtime Handjob

A Video from Vintage Classics Collection

Mother gives you a special treat when she comes in to say goodnight and tuck you in. She notices a lump in your sheets and starts to play with you. She pulls down the covers to find a tent in your pajama bottoms. She pulls out your penis and gives you a wonderful handjob and blowjob.

CLASSIC Rachel Steele

MILF 115 - Breakfast Fuck

Beautiful, lusty and luscious MILF Rachel Steele has a SPECIAL breakfast prepared this morning! A CLASSIC Rachel Steele video (one of her TOP videos of ALL TIME!) to prepare you for the sequel, "Breakfast Fuck 2", coming May 23rd!

Wunder Woman and Dr. X in The Double DNA Gambit

A mysterious henchman intrudes on a helpless Diana White, and she submits to his evil will! But what is his goal? Why is he so interested in Diana's panties? And what is his connection to the elusive Dr. X? Only Wunder Woman is up to the task of unraveling this mysterious...but even with her speed, strength, and smarts, will she succeed?

MILF1765 - Knocking Mother Up

Michael strongly suspects that his new stepmother Rachel is not being 100% faithful to her new husband, and she decides to use her feminine charm to seduce her new step-son so that he'll keep his mouth shut! But sometimes even the best laid plans can have unexpected consequences...

MILF1764 - Satisfied By My Son

Rachel is under-appreciated by her husband (to say the least), and her beautiful figure and new outfits simply don't register. Her son recognizes her unfulfilled desires, and he seduces her, leading to a passionate and lustful encounter on her marital bed while her husband remains asleep!

MILF1763 - Aunt Julia Jerks

Aunt Julia is visiting Rachel and her son. She happens to discover a dirty little secret that Rachel's been hiding, and after learning that Rachel's son is a virgin, decides to have some fun - blackmail style!

MILF 1762 - Mother Teaches Life Lessons

Home from summer break, Rachel's son Michael learns some valuable lessons when Rachel discovers that he lacks self confidence and hasn't been socially outgoing at school. She imparts her knowledge and skills as only a mother can, and they both get a lot closer than either had ever expected!

MILF 1761 - Rachel's Mind Fuck "Cock in the House"

Watch me as I take you on a journey through a mind fuck that will leave your nuts empty at my count down command.

Busty Boston Bondage

Alone at home, Rachel's morning is interrupted by a masked intruder. He gags her and ties her up, and fondles her busty body, but what else does he want...? Bondage thrills in Boston with the beautiful Rachel Steele!

MILF 1760 - Mother's Secret Desires

Rachel Steele can no longer contain the burden of her deepest secrets, and confides in the one she knows and trusts most: her son, Michael. His shocked reaction is not all that it seems, however, and he has a secret of his own - a secret that will take them to a place they've never been, sexually or emotionally, but at once seems intimately familiar.

MILF 1758 - The Story of Michael Steele

Rachel meets an interested young man online, and their arousal grows quicker than expected after he arrives very shortly after their very first phone call. After a romantic night out (and a wonderful dinner), Rachel surprises him with a evening of intense, emotional lust that neither of them will ever forget.